Screen Print Me. Customise Me. Brand Me. Print Me. Wear Me.

NZ Print Me is a family business. We have Mum (Michelle), Dad (Troy) and Miss 7 (Zara). Troy and Michelle are both chartered accountants but Dad gave up his accounting job so we could home school Zara together while he did part time screen printing from our garage.

For school, we made Tie Dye creations and then Zara wanted to have a go at screenprinting. She enjoyed this so started to make a few of her own creations and #ZeesTees was born! The purpose of #ZeesTees is for Zara to save money towards going to Disneyland and Wrestlemania in USA. She recently launched a range of tie dye socks called #ToeZees - and has sold over 900 pairs. Some of her garments have gone overseas - Australia, USA, England and Singapore!

Our focus at NZ Print Me is providing our customers with quality garments in a timely manner. We offer both screen printing and vinyl here in Invercargill. We also have access to embroidery and sublimation services.

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