ToeZees Adults 2 - 8 Ankles

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These funky Tie Dye Socks (ToeZees) are created by Zara.

The sizing is based on normal shoe sizing.

These socks are cotton rich, for a soft comfortable feel.

Zara's ToeZees are hugely popular. Zara has sold over 900 pairs, including some to Australia, USA, England and Singapore.

Zara's ToeZees are an expression of her creativity, which we (Mum and Dad) want to nurture as a part of her home schooling journey. All the profits from Zara's brand go to her savings goal of going to Disneyland.


Each pair of socks are a one-of-a-kind tie dye design

Each pair has been washed and dried twice. We recommend that you hand wash gently in cold water to maintain the vibrancy of the socks.